The collective claim of CNA Fita against the truck cartel wins the Italian Antitrust Award

The collective claim of CNA Fita against the truck cartel wins the Italian Antitrust Award

The campaign organized by the association CNA Fita with the assistance of Scoccini & Associati for the hauliers damaged by the truck cartel won the 2017 Antitrust Award awarded by the Italian Competition Authority.
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The Italian Competition Authority awarded CNA Fita the Antitrust Award for the trade association that most stood out to promote the development of the culture of competition and consumer rights in 2016 and 2017. CNA Fita is a major Italian association representing small and medium enterprises in the haulage sector.
CNA Fita has organized and promoted a collective action aimed to obtain compensation for the hauliers damaged by the truck cartel that was ascertained and fined by the European Commission. More than 3.000 companies have opted to join the collective action. Most of them are small and medium enterprises.
The Award was decided by a eminent commission composed by Prof. Michele Ainis (member of the Italian Competition Authority), by Vincenzo Boccia (President of Confindustria), by Daniele Manca (journalist of “Il Corriere della Sera”), by Prof. Alberto Quadro Curzio (President of “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei”) and by Prof. Ernesto Somma (head of the cabinet of the Ministry of Economic Development). Further information about the Award are available on the website of the Italian Competition Authority (click here).
The award shows the importance that the private antitrust enforcement has for the Italian Competition Authority. The campaign of CNA pursues to realize the policies of the EU Institutions and the Italian legislator in favour of the private antitrust enforcement by helping the victims of antitrust infringements to take legal actions. Actions for damages are the only way for the victims to obtain compensation and they represent a strong deterrent against future infringements.
Scoccini & Associati with a team composed of Giovanni Scoccini, Amato Tomao and Andrea Baldi assisted CNA Fita in every step of the organization of the campaign and advised recurrently the 65 local offices of CNA that have been designated to provide the hauliers with the information about the collective action and collect from them the relevant documentation. Giovanni Scoccini is also the lead counsel of team that represent the hauliers in the lawsuits.

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